AUDIBLE MATTER / WAVE #5 September 2021

many tongues speak heart

Hellen Ascoli

Hellen Ascoli (Guatemala City/Baltimore, MD) is a weaver; Situating herself in the back strap loom Ascoli’s practice looks at embodied knowledge collaborative practices, and material culture as a way to weave world.
Ascoli completed her MFA in Sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, and has had individual exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Center Cincinnati and Proyectos Ultravioleta. Her work has also been included in the Paiz Biennial in Guatemala City , Videobrasil in São Paulo, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara.

Negma Coy

Negma Coy, Maya Kaqchikel artist, born in Chi Xot, Iximulew - Guatemala. She writes poems, stories and tales in the Kaqchikel Mayan language, in Spanish and with Mayan glyphs. She is a weaver, painter, actress and teacher. She has published the books: XXXK', Soy un búho, Lienzos de herencia, A orillas del fuego, Tz'ula', Guardianes de los caminos and the Colección Kikotem - Historias, cuentos y poesía Kaqchikel. Negma Coy works in partnership with different collectives so that the art of the people continues to flourish. She has participated in national and international art and poetry festivals.

Sofia Jade Tanski

Sofia Jade is a sound artist, musician, and thought explorer living in Madison, Wisconsin. She is obsessed with the inherent contradictions of sound, and views music and soundscapes as a bridge between the physical and intangible. After completing her Bachelor’s at Beloit College in 2019, Sofia released her first album of original music, Watercolor Dreamscape, in 2020.
Her recent work collaborating with Hellen Ascoli has focused on creating sound environments that facilitate memory and reflection while providing a shared experience.

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