Independent Pages / Wave #4 VIDEO ESSAY April 2021

The Deafening Blast, some notes and commentary

Moad Musbahi

Breath blown by the divine inaugurated creation. Breath blown through the larynx produces sound. The way one modulates one’s breath, to declare their faith, is a maker of piety – a vocal articulation predicate on a precise training. A system determined by the correct muscular choreography of the tongue and voice box.

An audible ability that then determines entry into the heavens on the Final Day.

An end to time that will be simultaneously produced and announced by a single sonic note, the Deafening Blast.


Single Channel Video, 3 minutes, English and Arabic, 2021.

Camera, Edit, Colour, Narration: Moad Musbahi
Recitation: Sheikh Mahmoud al-Hosari.

Recordings by Egypt’s al-Quran al-Kareem Radio Channel in 1944.

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