Voicing Abstraction / Wave #7 SOUND July 2022

KUA: Transnationalisms

Yu'an Huang

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Perera Elsewhere, KUA Sound Stamp

The sound element for KUA was born out of an hour-long phone call between the curator, Yu’an, and the musician, Sasha Perera, a long-distance collaboration while both parties were located elsewhere from their first cultural context. The 18-second intro acts as a cue into the world of KUA, which is populated by oral interviews of personal stories.

Yu’an imagines its listeners on transit by foot or plane, perhaps traveling from one home to another. She invited Sasha to produce a sonic cue into the cloud space of KUA as the one thing that stays consistent when the listener’s internal dialogue unwinds, accompanied by each speaker’s voice like that of a friend.

KUA is a serial publication project. It starts with issue one, Re-Integration, and finishes with Issue six, Diagnosis, and examines the human condition through a transnational lens.


For more information about the project, click here.

The first issue is supported by Asymmetry Foundation and co-produced with Chisenhale Gallery and Delfina Foundation.

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