Sonic Realism / Wave #1 Sound April 2020

i@dreamt: Technologies of Enchantment

Patricia Domínguez & Radim Lisa, Terezie Štindlová and Futuro Fósil

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i@dreamt, 2017

idreamt@ceramics is an auditory collaboration that explores the mutation of colonialism into neoliberalism across the Chilean territory.
Conceived by Patricia Domínguez, Radim Lisa, Terezie Štindlová and Futuro Fósil, the piece was first commissioned in 2017 by Jan Zalezak for Artalk Revue as en editorial experimentation. It has since spread to Santiago and Puerto Saavedra, Chile, and later Brno, Czech Republic, with the aid of Gasworks’s 'Who cares? a radio tale', which in collaboration with Royal College of Arts commissioned the sound piece. Following the threads of Patricia’s research on ethnobotany, ethno-ornithology and environmental ethics in South America as a lens to read and interpret the clash of history, colonialism and modern capitalizations, idreamt@ceramics is a distinctive chapter in a discourse that requires a systematic approach. It takes the shape of an exploration of the Chilean land, increasingly occupied and transformed according to logics of privatization and neoliberal colonialism.

The project, presented here in two chapters, springs out of a conversation with Lorenzo Aillapán, the “Bird Man” of Mapuche origins, who has dedicated himself to the cultivation and development of a unique and original literary genre: the interpretation of birdsong, which speak of an indigeneity resistance to folklorization, re-combining and re-choreographing the elements of collective memory that encircle them with emancipatory gestures.


The piece was commissioned in the form of a creative text by Jan Zalezak for Artalk Revue. Afterwards, the sound piece was commissioned by the Royal College of Arts for the exhibition 'Who cares? a radio tale' (2018), curated by Naz Bescan, Ibrahim Cisse, Harriet Costello, Benedetta d'Ettorre, Alba Folgado and Agata Kik, at Gasworks, London.

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