Independent pages Wave #3 Podcast December 2020

Infrasonica X Open Publishing Fest

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As hydrophones captured and rendered mysterious oceanic sound waves into “bloop,” so too does Infrasonica wish to illuminate the vibrations and voices of the hidden and the spectral. Through conversations, essays, musical pieces, and sound art, Infrasonica will be a catalyst for that which we cannot see.

Infrasonica is a digital platform of non-western cultures. We record, analyze, and debate the eeriness of sound and its auras, linked to the world with the audible, the hidden, and the sensitive. Infrasonic waves operate at a frequency that is undetectable by human ears even though they are often generated by massive ecological phenomena such as the movement of tectonic plates or the deep currents of the ocean. Infrasonica aims to be a catalyst for those vibrations.
The platform will include archives of experimental sound and visual artists, as well as theoretical musings on contemporary critical thought. By relying on a borderless network of collaborators, Infrasonica will blend essays, conversations, and speculative works that encourage critical curatorial and research projects.

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